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About This Item:-

  • Nectaroushub Multi Flora Honey has an exceptional flavour, that can please your taste buds.
  • Nectaroushub Multi Flora Honey is free from any adulteration or artificial flavourings.
  • You can use the intense flavour of this honey as an ingredient in desserts or sweet dishes, as a spread on toast, as a seasoning in breakfast, and as a health supplement in green tea, lukewarm water or milk.
  • Honey has a high nutritional content that can effectively help you to stay fit. Honey can provide you relief from a variety of diseases like cough, cold, low immunity and indigestion.
  • Honey can become your weight loss partner. Mixing honey with lukewarm water and drinking it in the morning can help you shed some kilos.


Key Ingredients:-

  • Honey (100%)


Benefits of Nectaroushub Multi Flora Honey :-

  • Rich Flavour - Nectaroushub Honey has an irresistibly sweet and satisfying flavour.
  • Fine quality - Nectaroushub Honey is free from any additives and flavourings to impart authentic taste.
  • Multiple culinary uses - Nectaroushub Honey can be relished in many different ways. You can stir it with milk, water or green tea, use it as a spread on bread, can mix it with healthy breakfast options like cornflakes, and use it as an ingredient in dessert and sweet dishes.
  • Healthy - Honey is packed with several essential nutrients. Its consumption boosts immunity, helps in weight management, takes care of skin and hair, cures cough and cold, and relieves digestion problems.


Why to choose Nectaroushub Honey :-

  • Natural sweetness.
  • Helpful for varied uses.
  • Delightful flavour.
  • Excellent nutritional profile.



Multi Flora Honey

SKU: 0003
  • Made with ingredients of fine quality, Nectaroushub Multi Flora Honey served you a sweet and pleasing experience.

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    Country of Origin: India

    Available Sizes: 250g, 500g, 1kg

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